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Breitling Professional Skyracer A2736234/G615-436X watches for sale

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Breitling Professional Skyracer A2736234/G615-436X watches for sale

By contrast, its men's Breitling Professional Skyracer A2736234/G615-436X watches are very rich. Super Marine Culture Series is the name of "Super Marine Heritage". The biggest difference between it and the Super Ocean series is that its design is more classic, inherited and super. The ocean is a very pure diving tool. Usually, the Breitling model is a tool watch with wings and a more elegant watch (in fact, it is not so elegant, or has some functions). The logo is just a word "B", usually a three-dimensional golden figure, which looks simpler and more luxurious.

This year's second generation super marine culture series has two sizes, one is 42mm, the other is 46mm. The original super marine culture series has not changed much in overall design, but there are also some minor changes. The first is the change of the pointer. This is very obvious. The original pointer is the arrow needle and pencil-shaped minute needle, while the second generation of arrow clockwise is elongated, with an additional bar in the middle. Personally, I prefer it. The original design is relatively simple. After the minute needle, the minute needle changes from pencil to sword or diamond. In addition, the location of the calendar has been changed. The calendar window of the second generation super marine culture series is at 6 o'clock, while the second generation is at 3 o'clock. This is very obvious. Other fonts, borders and bracelets do not change much. best cheap watches

Yes, there are some changes on the crown, but they are not as obvious as the above two changes, so please don't mention them. These are very obvious signs to distinguish the second generation and the second generation (the 46mm version of the calendar is at 6 o'clock, you can judge according to the pointer). For the second generation, we need to know the difference between the two. After the new upgrade, the super Marine Culture Series II watch also has some important upgrades, such as replacing the ceramic bezel. The most important thing is to carry B20 fully automatic mechanical core. The basic core is the rudder MT5612, which can provide at least 70 hours of kinetic energy storage, while the original B17 core, the basic core is ETA 2824-2. Essentially, the second generation of the new super marine culture has surpassed a half-star, so after upgrading, we are most concerned about its price. This is the main reason why I wrote this article. The second generation of Breitling Super Marine Culture is priced from 29,500 yuan to 34,700 yuan. Of course, all steel is mentioned here, excluding precious metals such as gold rings. Part. RMB 29500 is an aviation classic rubber strap swiss military watches with pins and buttons.

is a classic marine metal bracelet. As we all know, the price of 46mm and 42mm versions is the same. The super marine culture series of the last generation is also the style of the classic marine metal bracelet. After the price adjustment, the price is 3,1500 yuan. Other models include rubber pin-button versions. The last price is 26300 yuan and the new price is 31500 yuan. In fact, the price of the 2016 Super Marine Culture Series had exceeded 5000 before the price adjustment. The price is totally higher than the current second price. After the new model came out, the price went up directly, and the price of the new super ocean culture second generation series watch inherited the price of the super ocean culture watch in the same period last year, even reduced 2000 yuan. From this point of view, the price of the new table did not actually rise after upgrading, but decreased. After the advent of the new watch, we also found that the old watch constantly appeared in the secondary market, but the new model has just entered the market, and has not yet penetrated into the secondary market on a large scale. However, according to the performance of the old models in the secondary market, the new breitling navitimer 8 models will be sold over the counter, and the difference between the secondary channels will not be too big.


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