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T95 TV Box T95 TV Box

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“Oxford” was found in 2007, started with a Smart TV Supplier, assembled Smart TV in China and Middle East. From 2010, we received more and more demands from our customers globally, looked for a reliable single window that helps them to manage all the materials and productions needed for their Electronic Products assembly projects and logistics.
We then spent years of time to find and set up network with reliable sources of electronics products and with varied production lines in China. These production lines are around media player, include Smart TV, Smart TV Box (IPTV Box), Remote Control (Air mouse and keyboard), Portable Projector, DLP Mini Projector and PCB assembly. With these set up, it enables us to integrate and coordinate materials and productions in an efficient way for our customers.
Now, OXFORD International is one of the most efficient Consumer Electronic Products assembly and electronic OEM service provider in China. With stable growth and demand from customers, to better serve our customers, we set up Customer Service Centers in North America and Middle East. Our distributors are global, such as USA, Brazil, Italy, France, Russia, Dubai, Saudi Arabic, India, etc.
With the complete global supply and production network that OXFORD has developed which including Smart TV, Android TV Box (IPTV Box), Remote Control (Air mouse and keyboard), Portable Projector, DLP Mini Projector and other Consumer Electronic Products distribution channel. Our mission is to integrate all these production and manage them to become customer’s strategy Consumer Electronic Products partner who provides efficient, flexible, and quality total solution to customer’s Consumer Electronic Products Supply Chain.
With the integration of varied production lines and resources channel, OXFORD International is now providing total solution for customer’s Electronic Products assembly projects. This will allow our customers to allocate their resource more efficiently by focusing on their main and core activity such as R&D and marketing.
We are partnered with varied manufacturers and have an international logistics partnership network spanning six continents. From productions, QC and Shipping, OXFORD provides our customers one-stop service.
OXFORD International not only has auditor audits the Products Line in monthly basis, we also have our QC team stay with the Production Line every day to do final inspection. All the products have to pass our QC team before shipped to our customers.
“Shenzhen Oxford International Trading Co., Ltd” IT’S Brands
           T95 TV Box
спросил 07 Ноя, 19 от lolpv1 в категории Android (Андроид)

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