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Super Capacitor

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1. Product Introduction
A super capacitor (SC) (also electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC), also called supercap, ultracapacitor or Goldcap) is a high-capacity capacitor with capacitance values much higher than other capacitors (but lower voltage limits) that bridge the gap between electrolytic capacitors and rechargeable batteries. They typically store 10 to 100 times more energy per unit volume or mass than electrolytic capacitors, tolerate many more charge and discharge cycles than rechargeable batteries.
2. Product Outline Drawing

3. Product feature and application
1. High power density, 10 to 100 times of battery’s, which can reach 10kw/kg or higher.
2. Release huge current in a short time.
3. The speed of charging and discharging is fast, real fast physical process based on the principle of electric double layer.
4. High temperature resistant.
5. Small sizes, large capacity, 30-40 times larger in capacitance than the electrolytic capacitor.
6. Wide temperature range of use, superior low temperature performance.
7. The circuit of charging and discharging is simple.
8. Environment friendly.
9. Long cycle life: up to 100,000 times or more.
Widely used on AC motor; Industry field-LED, electric power; Livelihood field-computer, display screen etc.
4. Product Detail
Automatic Production Line

Automatic Testing
5. Delivery, shipping and service
-Delivery: 5-7days after order confirmed
-Shipping Port: Shenzhen
-Our service
1. You inquiry related to our products or our company or price will be replied in 24 hours.
2. Well trained and experienced staff and technician to answer all your questions with professional knowledge.
3. High quality, competitive price and considerate service.
6. Latest news
Korea Electronics Show 2018
HongKong Electronics Fair 2018 (Autumn)
Company Image
TourismSuper Capacitor
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