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Concrete Mixing Transport Truck factory

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鈻?nbsp;Our History
China Hongfu Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in research and development and manufacturing of engineering and construction machinery. In the early days, we mainly produced wheel loaders and small forklifts. With the continuous upgrading of products, the lack of human resources, and the needs of the market, we have developed a new type of construction equipment using our many years of experience in engineering machinery manufacturing. We call it an self loading concrete mixer truck. After years of practice and innovation, we have become a leading company in the industry of self loading concrete mixer. Over the years, China Hongfu Machinery Co., Ltd. has established a good market in China and exported to Russia, Vietnam, Myanmar, South Africa, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions. In the near future, we will have more advanced products to the global market to give back to the society.
鈻?nbsp;Our Factory
China Hongfu Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Laizhou, Shandong Province, a domestic construction machinery production base. The factory covers an area of about 35,000 square meters. At present, it has more than 60 outstanding engineering personnel in the industry, including 20 core R&D engineers. It has a complete innovative R&D system and advanced Manufacturing equipment and complete inspection technology. The self loading concrete mixer produced by our company ranks among the best in the country in terms of technical level, product quality, production scale and market share.It has won five national patent certificates and is the leader in the same industry in China. Widely used in construction projects, railway construction, road construction, rural construction, water conservancy projects and other work sites.
"Quality creates brand, integrity weaves the future" is the core pursuit of Hongfu Company's persistent pursuit and all employees. Hongfu brand self loading concrete mixer truck has been widely praised by users for its superior performance and reliable quality.In order to maintain its pioneering position in the industry, Hongfu Company continuously improves its management level and product quality, and is the first to pass the international quality system certification and special equipment manufacturing and manufacturing license, and the product quality is in sync with the world.
鈻?nbsp;Our Product
China hongfu machinery co., ltd. mainly produces the following products:
1.Self loading concrete mixer
2.Self loading concrete mixer truck
3.Concrete mixer truck
4.Concrete mixer
5.Self loading cement mixer truck
6.Self loading cement mixer
We can customize according to customer needs, and provide quality after-sales support.
鈻?nbsp;Product Application
The self loading concrete mixer truck produced by China Hongfu Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly used in construction projects, railway construction, road construction, rural construction, water conservancy projects and other work sites. Its efficiency is ten times higher than that of the traditional concrete mixer, and the operation is simple and multi-purpose. The economic benefits created for users are extremely impressive. In particular, it solves the construction problems in some complex areas and can work efficiently in various environments.
We can customize according to customer requirements to adapt to the construction work in various areas.
鈻?nbsp;Our Certificate
China Hongfu Machinery Co., Ltd. constantly strives to innovate, and the strict requirements for product quality make our self loading concrete mixer truck pass ISO9001 certification and China compulsory product certification. The manufactured products have already reached international standards and are far ahead in the production process. User recognition of our products is our greatest success.
鈻?nbsp;Production Equipment
China Hongfu Machinery Co., Ltd. has five standardized profiling workshops, including copying workshop, welding workshop, assembly workshop, painting workshop and inspection workshop. And has domestic advanced machinery production equipment, including large-scale fiber laser cutting machine, large bending machine, punching machine, automatic welding equipment.
鈻?nbsp;Production Market
China Hongfu Machinery Co., Ltd.'s self loading concrete mixer truck series products sell well in domestic and overseas markets, and the annual sales volume has exceeded 3,000 units. In China, our company has cooperated with major construction engineering companies for many years and has become their designated products. In foreign countries, our company's self loading concrete mixers are mainly sold in Russia, Vietnam, Myanmar, South Africa, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions. The markets in other countries and regions are still being developed. In the next few years, our company will increase annual production and open up the global market, and look forward to your next partner.
鈻?nbsp;Our Service
When you get in touch with us, we will patiently communicate with you and recommend the appropriate model equipment according to the actual situation you describe. And tell you the efficiency of the self loading concrete mixer truck and the mode of operation that needs attention.
When you are sure to work with us, we will determine the nearest pick-up location and arrange the packing and transportation to ensure that the equipment arrives safely and quickly. And the transportation process will be with you and report the transportation situation at any time.
When you receive the goods, we will contact you in time to tell you the correct way to disassemble. If the equipment is damaged during transportation, we will solve this problem for you in the shortest time and ensure normal use. And we will keep in touch with you during the future use, keep abreast of usage and handle some usage problems for you.
In addition to our company's existing aself loading concrete mixer truck series, our company can also customize processing according to your actual situation. We strictly control the quality of our products to ensure that each piece of equipment can be used for a long time. We provide the most advanced technical support and excellent after-sales service, and hope to establish long-term cooperation relationship with you.Concrete Mixing Transport Truck factory
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