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Best Place to Buy Patent Leather Nike Air Force 1 Low

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Nike re-launched the patent leather version of the Patent Leather Nike Air Force 1 Low. This collection is made of high-grade green and red patent leather. The white midsole is clean and neat.Nike Air Force 1 Low has seen several releases this year, and today we are learning about a new version that has started making its way to retailers. The shoe features a simple white leather construction that is contrasted by team red on the Nike swoosh, heel, shoe laces, and outsole.

Patent leather and red often create visually stunning silhouettes, and the latest offering from Nike Sportswear on the Nike Air Force 1 Low is no exception. Patent leather covers the entire upper, while team red provides the underlying hue. White accents tone down the glossy upper on the Nike swoosh as well as the tongue branding. As we reach the midsole we are exposed to a little more white, which quickly turns to red again on the outsole.

Friend of the sit and all around good guy Fran Marchello brings us a look at his second pair of Bespoke Nike Air Force 1s. Using “Squirtle” as inspiration, Fran opted for nappy suede and crocodile skin for the upper. Tan and teal are served as the main dish on the front and midfoot sections, while a black patent Nike Swoosh blends into the black crocodile heel. A pink liner gives us just a taste of South Beach, though this is all Pokemon if you as me.

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