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Superior Performance of ZCMD768 Hot Air Stenter

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Our ZCMD768 Type Hot Air Stenter suits for 50-700g/m2 cotton, wool, linen filament, silk and so on, which is used for knitted or woven fabrics auxiliaries padding, stentering, drying and heat-setting.

Our Stenter Machines have very powerful functions as follows. First, the width of the fabric is controlled by the stenter without unstable shape size, uneven width and edge. Second, finishing chemical applies to fabric by the stenter, which solves the problem of excessive shrinkage. Third, finishing chemical applies to fabric by the stenter to guarantee soft texture, excellent elasticity and extensibility. Fourth, the moisture of the fabric is controlled by the stenter, making the fabric soft, smooth and comfortable. Fifth, spirility controlled by the stenter with advanced process and excellent technology. Sixth, the fabric is dried by the stentering process without shrinkage. Seventh, shrinkage property of the fabric is controlled. Shrinkage is a change in dimensions across the length and width of the fabric after washing, usage and when exposed to relaxing of fabrics. Therefore, it is of great importance to control its shrinkage rate. Last but not least, curing treatment for resin, the water-repellent fabric is done by the stenter, which is beneficial to print.

The main technical parameters are as follows.

1.car type: right-handed or left-hand drive vehicles

2.Nominal width(W):1800-3600mm

3.Nominal speed:10-110m/min

4.Amplitude range: 700-(W-200)

5.Motor drag way: AC frequency conversion

7.Heat source: hot oil, gas (city gas, natural gas, water gas, liquefied petroleum gas), steam, electricity

6.Holding methods: needle plate or cloth iron

8.Falling cloth: mercy, package (diameter ≤ Φ1500m) dual-use

9.Rail Type: Oil-free steel rail or cast rail

10.Oven section number: 5-12 section

11.250°Oven temperature: up to 250 °

12.Installed capacity: about 15n + 55KW (excluding electric heating capacity)

13.Overfeed rate range: -20% + 80%

Click https://www.hotairstenter.com/product/451.html for further more information about Licheng Products.

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