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airport floor suppliers

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Jiangsu Seesun New Material Technology Co.,Ltd originated from 1880's.
We've always focused on the core idea "SEESUN FLOORING GREEN TECHNOLOGY", introduced the world-class equipment and technology, established the first authoritative testing laboratory of PVC floor in China, overcome the difficulties of technology and production, successfully broke the monopoly of other brands, ultimately become the first domestic firm which truly based on the industry of the resilient flooring.
From 2006, our enterprise has implemented the brand operation, successively established three sub-brands "BENTA", "BOGER" and "DISENO".
CAs the resilient flooring suppliers for Beijing, London and Rio Olympic Games, it may be said "World technique, Made in China", we are the leading firm of the ground building materials industry.
Brand Culture
SEESUN flooring is an international brand focusing on elastic flooring system
Core Values
From the foundation to the present,Seesun has always uphold the "safety" of the core values, put "safety" into the product process, innovate and develop "healthy technological, environmental friendly" products.
Brand Mission  
In order to make everyone get professional protection, this mission is the inexhaustible power of our products and services, it’s a source of strength for the development of enterprises.
 Brand Personality
Seesun wins your trust with meticulous, thoughtful service, it deepens the core idea SEESUN FLOORING GREEN TECHNOLOGY in the practice, creates a better space with positive, open attitude.
World technology Made in China
Seesun has 30 years of production experience. It’s China's first entity enterprise devoted in PVC sports flooring and commercial flooring manufacture, design and R & D. Annual output can reach 12 million square meters.
We have advanced production equipment, automatic lead feeding equipment, innovative production technology.
Perfect laboratory configuration, enterprise standard higher than the industry standard to manage and control product quality.
Specialize in the production of PVC sports flooring, commercial floor, flocking floor with different specifications, a variety of high-quality PVC resilient flooring series.
Authority Laboratory
Company has invested millions to build the laboratory of industry's authority, provide the secure and reliable hardware support for product quality control and product performance test, in order to ensure provide safe and reliable quality products to the steady flow of the market.Vacuum mixing equipment
In view of the temperature, humidity and other environmental factors may affect the mixing process of paste resin, we introduced the vacuum mixing equipment, closed automatic batching in 2015, to effectively control the quality of the production of the preceding paragraph.
Storage Facilities
Company has a large storage base and the standing stock of nearly 1 million square meters, to meet the needs of customers in a timely manner. Standardized warehousing work flow and perfect logistics service provide you with the necessary product timely and safe.Knife Coating production line
Brand new knife coating production line,enlarge the oven based on the four times knife coating and four times bake process.Add self developed automatic mixing device and automatic feeding device,which makes the raw material composition ratio more accurate and product stability much higher than similar enterprises.
Transfer printing factory
Seesun introduced large advanced transfer printing equipment in 2015, spent lots of money to build the third production base, Which lay a solid foundation for the continuous development of new products. The floor texture and the stability of the floor color have been greatly improved.airport floor suppliers
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