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What are the uses of 3003 aluminum alloy foil?

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Food foil bags are made by adding aluminum foil during the process of making food packaging bags. The amount of aluminum foil is divided into aluminum and pure aluminum. Aluminum foil is much more expensive than other materials, but its advantages needless to say, the packaging with aluminum foil will be better whether it is beautiful or attribute. Of course, food aluminum foil packaging bags require relatively high packaging technology and packaging machines. Then, does Quanzhou have a manufacturer that customizes such bags?

food container
    Our Kunpeng packaging is a professional packaging factory for food bags. Aluminized food bags are mainly used in high-margin industries such as puffed snack food packaging and some medicines and cosmetics. Its main materials are VMPET and VMCPP aluminized film. The pure aluminum food bag has a minimum aluminum content of more than 90% in the bag, and the bag using the aluminum foil has good high temperature resistance and low temperature, and therefore is one of the main materials for making the high temperature cooking bag and the freezing bag.

    It is precisely because of the excellent properties of food foil bags that even if the price is expensive, there are still many customers who make this type of packaging bags, but the value is excellent, it can make our foods not easy to rot, but also healthier. Safety, hygiene, etc.

It is almost entered all aspects of life, from a pot and pan in the kitchen to the cable and wire industry. In general, the use of is still very wide. The application prospects of 3003 aluminum alloy foil are very extensive. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of 3003 aluminum alloy foil. Its production includes 1-8 series products, which are used in various fields to meet customers' Customized service and meet the needs of customers. (need to change the product).If you have better suggestions, or order requirements, please email us.



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