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Established in 1984, DALI technology now is a public trading Hi-Tech enterprise that transformed from Zhejiang Testing Technology Institute.
For over 20 years' creativity and innovation, DALI became one of the largest-scale and strongest comprehensive strength manufacturers with complete research and sales of uncooled Focal Plane Detector, Thermal Imaging cameras and Thermal Imaging Surveillance Systems.
DALI is also the first listed enterprise in the industries of IR camera and secure in China, company stock successfully went public at Shenzhen stock exchange on Feb 18th, 2008 (Stock code: 002214)
The company is located at famous Hangzhou city in China, among all employees, 70% are professional technicians. In possession of well-appointed industrialization manufacture base, it fundamentally ensures the advantage technology and continuous innovation ability. With the internationalized management mode, DALI has gained the authentication of ISO9001:2000 quality assurances system, ISO14000 environment manage system,ISO18000 occupational health and safety management system etc.
DALI will expand manufacture ability, improve the quality control ability and research strength. With the principle of “Advantage technology ensure the reassurance, Superior services attracts the satisfaction” and developed R&D system, quality management system, sales management system and after-sale service system, DALI provides excellent quality products and professional service to customers.
Our Product
Uncooled FPA Detector
Thermal Imaging Module
Handheld Temperature Measurement Thermal Imager
On-line Temperature Measurement Thermal Imager
Temperature Measurement Thermal Imaging System
Dedicated Type Thermal Imager
Handheld Infrared Telescope
Online Observation Thermal Imaging Camera
Online Observation Thermal Imaging System
Product Application:applications in various industries such as military, industrial, transportation, security surveillance, meteorology and medicine.
Production Market:Europe, America, Africa, Mid-East, South-Asia, RussiaHD Thermal Cameras For Firefighting manufacturers

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